10 Movie Characters Everyone Forgot To Mourn

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One of the truly odd things about the movie and television business is that every once in a while, viewers are told to actually celebrate in the death of someone. Usually, these are villains who have spent their entire time on screen trying to bring death and destruction to everyone and everything. Still, it always seems a bit odd when we pump our fist in the air because a guy finally met a rather violent end. Even stranger than rooting for someone to be killed, is the fact that there are some characters we’re supposed to simply ignore when they die. These people might be peripheral or they might be part of the main cast, but after they “fade away” the film doesn’t even talk about them anymore.

Captain Kirk’s Girlfiend

In the first Star Trek movie reboot, Khan took out the Star Fleet academy and darn near all of the cadets. That means that Kirk’s last sexual conquest before he joins the crew of the Enterprise has been wiped out too. And yet, Kirk doesn’t seem to care at all.


This rather old transformer had been hiding out on Earth after the war over Cybertron was lost by the Autobots. In Transformers 2 he comes out of retirement to fight the Decepticons, one more time, and dies when he gives over his spark to save Optimus Prime and is summarily forgotten by all those who served with him.

Lucas Flannery In Transformers: Age of Extinction

Lucas Flannery was the apparent best friend of Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager. He plays a rather large part in the first third of the movie and then horribly dies. Once he dies, no one even mentions him. Death is apparently so common in the Transformers’ universe that there’s never any time or desire to mourn.


Peter Pan’s most trusted Lost Boy in Hook died tragically. While Robin Williams’ character did lament his death right when it happened, everyone seemed to move on from the death rather quickly.

Fabrizio from Titanic

Perhaps Jack can be forgiven for completely forgetting his best friend when the Titanic began to sink. After all, there was quite a bit of chaos. Still, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack convinced Fabrizio to come on the ship with him and then seemingly left his friend behind. While we never actually see him again, it’s a pretty safe bet he died when the ship went down.

Fox From ‘The Warriors’

Fox was one of the leading characters in The Warriors, until the actor playing him, Thomas G. Waites had a scuffle with the director. His character was unceremoniously thrown under a train and never mentioned again. For gang members that were considered such a tight bunch, this seems more than a little odd.

Charles Foster Kane’s family

At the beginning of Citizen Kane, there is mention that the protagonist had a wife and child who died. After that mention, they are never talked about or mentioned again.


It’s assumed that Riptide dies between X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past. Despite his tragic demise, he’s never mentioned again, even when Magneto is giving a speech about mutants who lost their lives.

Uncle Lars and Aunt Baru

The aunt of uncle of Luke Skywalker had quite a bit of screen time at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope. After Luke found their burned bodies it appears he moves on rather quickly. The pair are almost never mentioned again.

Pi’s Family And Friends

Pi is eventually rescued after spending an incredibly long time adrift after a ship wreck. After he is finally saved, the survivor doesn’t mourn the loss of his family or friends who died in the wreck. He does, however, mourn the tiger.