10 Animals Responsible For Attacking And Killing People

The animal kingdom is so massive and varied – even though we have far too many creatures on the endangered species list. Unfortunately, not every single animal out there is totally friendly to the human race. In fact, some are downright violent and aggressive towards people when they happen across them in the wild or even in the suburbs. When we read about an animal attack, our hearts definitely go out to the victim, but also to the animal, which was brought to this point. Here are ten animals responsible for attacking and killing humans.


Wolves don’t specifically target humans in the wild, but they have been known to attack when they come across a lone stranger. There are several hundred human deaths each year attributed to wolf attacks.


Dingoes, believe it or not, are violent creatures, though they rarely attack humans when they come across them. Unfortunately, any attacks that do tend to happen occur in Australia, where violent animals are the norm.