10 Amazing And Complex Pieces Of Urban Art

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Through the eyes of an artist, the world is full of inspirational elements. The complexity of today’s structures must offer artists so many more ideas than ever before. Even the seemingly mundane urban environment provides artists with numerous opportunities to not just display their skills, but to also make a difference. There are so many issues that need attention in today’s world, and urban artists try to throw the spotlight on important topics using their skill and creativity. This is the list featuring 10 of the best pieces of urban art.

Death Of The Ordinary Man

This piece tries to highlight the trap of the daily grind that most of us fall into.

Warped Perspective

Although it is just a plain field of grass, it looks like the aerial view from the top of a building.

Out Of Place Stag

This stunning stage is wrapped around in a complex texture and looks out of place in front of an ordinary city wall.

World On Your Mind

This beautiful piece makes us wonder what is happening in the minds of children born in the world today.

Another World

This stunning art piece is brought to life by a man pretending to throw a giant vase onto people walking under the bridge.

Religious Art

A poignant piece about the baptism ceremony.

World Below

This amazing piece makes us think of the natural world that had to make for our growth and development.

Bulls And Bears

Is the stock market everything we think it is? An impending economic meltdown says otherwise.

Leaky Source

If a pump really was anthropomorphized, he/she would comment on the intensity of the water that once used to flow through it.

Is This Hell?

The clouds above, a city, and a fiery world below. Where do we belong in all of this?