Top 20 Craziest Bridges You Don’t Want To Cross

Puente de Ojuela – Durango, Mexico

While this bridge has stood the test of time, we’re just not huge fans of heights, even if the bridge was designed by the same guys who planned the Brooklyn Bridge.

Navajo Bridge – Page, Arizona

At over 800 feet long and over 460 feet above the canyon floor, you’ll have to pay us a lot of money to cross the Navajo Bridge in Arizona.

Canopy Walk – Ghana

Not only do we have zero interest in crossing this scary bridge, but we’re not sure where you go once you do cross it: the Canopy Walk found in Ghana happens to connect separate tree tops!

The Living Bridges – Cherrapunji, India

We’re not too afraid of this one because we’ve seen how tough tree limbs and vines can be, but you have to admit: the idea of trusting your life to trees is, well, crazy!