20 Creepy Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen

As soon as we hear the fateful words “let’s split up”, we know what’s going to happen. There’s only one kind of fate which can befall the kinds of characters who decide to go their separate ways in a horror film and more often than not, it isn’t rosy. Like it or not, most horror films these days follow the same, tired structure that we have seen a thousand times before. Groups go into the woods, an unspeakable evil is released, all but one is killed, the murderer mysteriously gets away with it. So far, so monotonous.

There are a load of scary films out there, however, which do things a little differently from most and take us utterly by surprise. These films are bad to the bone and try as we might, we can’t predict what will happen. Are you afraid of the dark? Things are about to get a whole lot more sinister.


Made by the king of horror, Dario Argento, Tenebrae is a murder mystery steeped in the blood of its victims. When a copycat murderer reenacts the brutal murders in a crime writer’s books, the author gets pulled into the violence. Pretty soon, lives are being lost and heads are rolling and when things come to a head, you will be shocked beyond belief.


Set in Berlin before the fall of the wall, Possession is a monster film ramped up to eleven, featuring some of the most intense performances you will ever see in a movie. With one of the most infamous and gruesome metro scenes in all of cinema, Possession is as gruesome as it is unsettling.

Berberian Sound Studio

The most clever thing about Berberian Sound Studio is that you never actually see anything. Set within a recording studio, the film follows a sound artist employed on a brutal horror film, who slowly loses his mind. The film’s magic is in its soundtrack and after watching the movie, you will never look at a watermelon in the same way.


Suspiria takes the whole boarding school horror thing and does a complete 180 with the material. What starts out as an innocuous setting becomes increasingly unsettling and difficult to watch and, if you aren’t cowering from the final deranged scene, then something is seriously wrong.