Top 10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Snow Day

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We know how you feel. The snow seems to go on forever. It’s unbearably cold outside and you just don’t have the energy to go out and shovel the sidewalk. As a matter of fact, forget shoveling. Even the idea of unearthing the car from the heaping mounds of freezing white fluff is utterly ridiculous. After all, the house is much warmer. There are pajamas to be worn, coffee to be consumed, Netflix queues to be caught up on. Who could possibly blame you for wanting to curl up under the sheets and forget the world exists? Not us. Here are some friendly tips to help make your snow day indoors even more fun.

Step 1 – Build a Blanket Fort

If you have not constructed a fort made entirely of sheets, blankets and cushions since grade school, you are so missing out. There is nothing quite like making a cave of fabric to unleash your inner child.

Pro tip: Make sure your building surface is (relatively) clean first. There is nothing worse than preparing to snuggle up in your new blanket fort and realizing you’ve just crushed yesterday’s pizza box with your elbow.

Step 2 – Raid Your Pinterest Favorites

Remember that craft thing you thought looked cool last week? Remember that cake pop recipe that sounded delectable? Today is the perfect day to root through all of your pins! Use whatever supplies you already have in the house to guide you on your DIY journey.

Fun fact: It is possible to try a new crochet pattern while watching another episode of “Orange is the New Black”. Which brings us to…

Step 3 – Browse Netflix

Or Hulu. Or whatever other streaming service you may favor. The keyword here is browse! What better time will there be than now to explore new shows or seek out movies that looked cool months ago but you never got around to watching? Most services do a pretty decent job of updating the recommendations list regularly. Start there and let the journey begin!

Step 4 – Comfort Food

If you are in the habit of eating salad for lunch everyday, this is the day you have permission to cheat. If not, carry on! Whether your cozy munchies of choice are chocolate chip cookies, baked macaroni and cheese or just plain old Ramen noodles, make yourself some options and have at it!

Step 5 – Discover the Art of the Written Word

Be honest. Have you sent a handwritten letter lately? It’s time to bring that back. The United States Postal Service is so much better than the transfer of bills and credit card offers. Be the cool friend/relative/co-worker who sends a letter via snail mail. You might be surprised how happy it will make someone.

Step 6 – Bath Time

Let’s be serious. When was the last time you had a long, hot bubble bath? The answer: way too long ago. Today is the today that changes. Even if you do not have any bubble bath handy, a bit of shampoo or liquid soap can do the trick just fine. Remember to have a few candles, a tasty beverage and some music ready.

Step 7 – Pamper Yourself

Who has time for a facial or a manicure anymore? Today, you do. Break out the pore strips and the nail polish, because you are ready to feel like a queen in your very own bathroom.

Personal favorite: try shaving with sugar and olive oil. You won’t believe how smooth your legs will turn out.

Step 8 – Become the Burrito

Grab yourself a warm, fluffy blanket and transform it into your very own personal human-sized tortilla. See how it feels to become your favorite Chipotle menu item.

Step 9 – Learn Something New

Have you ever wanted to learn how to speak another language? How to fold origami? How to paint calligraphy? No time like the present to try. Look up a tutorial and give it a go.

Step 10 – Don’t Forget to Move

Being cooped up inside all day can be restricting, but don’t let it keep your blood from circulating! Even if it’s just a quick stretch or five minutes of walking around your apartment, it’s important not to let yourself permanently fuse to the couch cushions.