Top 10 Nintendo Games You Have To Play Before You Die

Say what you want about Nintendo, the electronic company has been making fantastic videos games since the early days of gaming. Some might say that the company has lost its focus over the years, but that doesn’t lessen the impact they’ve made on the industry. From the NES to the Wii U, the company has created timeless classics that all gamers have to check out. Below is a list of the Top 10 Nintendo games to play before you die.

Metroid Prime

When this game was first announced, it was difficult to get excited about it. The development of the game was rocky, and fans weren’t too excited about the first-person gameplay. It looked like Nintendo was trying to copy the success of Microsoft’s Halo, which had fans on the edge. Luckily that wasn’t the case, and what we got was one of the most immersive FPS adventure games to date. It was unlike any game before it, and to this day, no game has become close to matching its success. It was a perfect 3D reimagining of the 2D classics.

Released: 2002 Platform: Gamecube

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

After Zelda II: The Adventure of Link utilized side-scrolling gameplay, A Link to the Past returned to the classic top-down perspective. The game is reminiscent of the original Zelda game, but it was able to distinguish itself, and create a brand new chapter in the Zelda series. The gameplay was engaging, the bosses were memorable, and the story is one of the best in the series. A Link to the Past is the best 2D game in the series. If it’s the best Zelda game overall is another question. Regardless, It’s a must play.

Released: 1991 Platform: SNES