Top 10 Best Accidental Scientific Discoveries and Inventions

Many times throughout our human history, famous innovators and scientists have accidentally created or discovered something that ended up to be life-changing to many people. We’ve heard the stories of pharmacist John Pemberton, who created Coca-Cola by accident while trying to create the non-alcoholic version of his French Wine Coca drink medication, which he claimed cured a multitude of symptoms including curing addiction from morphine. It seems that discovery by experimentation, alongside the scientific method, proved to be a great way to develop new concepts and ideas and put them to good use. There are many accidental scientific discoveries that have changed the way we live in modern day society. The following is a list of 10 life-changing, accidental scientific discoveries.

The Pacemaker

The Pacemaker was accidentally invented in 1958 by American engineer Wilson Greatbatch while he was building an oscillator to record heart rhythms, when he accidentally grabbed the wrong transistor to plug into the oscillator.


The accidental creation of Penicilin in 1928 was discovered by Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming after returning to his lab from a vacation. He noticed a mold growing on his staphylococci cultures, which had killed all of the bacteria in it. The mold was one of the most powerful antibiotics of it’s time, and Penicillin was born.