These Unrelated Women Look Shockingly Alike


When three friends from Ireland set out to find their “twin strangers” from around the world, the response was overwhelming. Niamh Geaney, Terence Manzanga, and Harry English were each able to find people that look a lot like them, but none so alike as who Niamh found.

They sent out a call for their lookalikes from anywhere around the world, and Niamh, 26, was more successful than she ever dreamed possible. When Karen Branigan, 29, saw Geaney’s picture and realized how alike they looked, she knew they had to meet. Luckily, they lived only an hour apart!

When the women met, they were both shocked at how similar they looked. They even decided to do their hair and makeup the same, and wore matching clothes to intensify the similarities. Geaney said, “For the entire duration of our encounter, I pretty much stared at her.” Moreover, who could blame her? After all, the chances of finding your unrelated twin are one in millions, or even billions.