10 Secrets Grocery Stores Don’t Want You To Know

There is a science that goes into how items are sold in stores. It is nearly assured that in addition to a common understanding of consumers, a little psychology is required to determine how to steer these people through grocery stores in an attempt to increase their visit. Consumers are there because they require something, but how frequently do they end up leaving with a cart full of drinks and snacks that they did not even set out to purchase? Whether it is a product display or placement, every aspect of grocery stores is managed to make sure maximum sales. This list contains 10 secrets grocery stores don’t want you to know.


Some grocery stores choose to play music that is slower than the average heartbeat in an effort to make people spend more time shopping. Slower music relaxes people and they walk through the aisles at a speed that encourages them to look at products a little longer and fill up their shopping carts.

Expiration Dates

If a product is set to expire and it still looks fine, grocery stores are allowed to place a new label on, pushing the date of expiration back by days.