Terminator: Genisys’ Newest Trailer Kicks Butt

Plot details for the newest installment of the Terminator franchise, bizarrely titled Terminator Genisys, have been minimal at best. The film’s first trailer shed some light as to the goings-on of its repeat heroes Sarah Connor (Game of Throne‘s Emilia Clarke) and Kyle Reese (A Good Day to Die Hard‘s Jai Courtney), but with the release of this second trailer, potential audience members are given even more insight into what will happen in this new chapter.

What we already know is that we’ve been taken back to the story of the original Terminator film — robot apocalypse soldier Kyle Reese has volunteered to be sent back in time to protect the mother of his fearless leader. What he doesn’t know is that this is an alternate future, and Sarah Connor is not the damsel in distress he was expecting. Reese is only the second one to be sent to help Sarah, the first being another reprogrammed Terminator. Now the three of them band together to fight the new evil that is following them, something no one has ever seen before.

As amazing as the movie looks it is of course impossible to know whether or not Terminator: Genisys will be any good. But Arnold is in it, so high quality and good times are a pretty safe bet. The film is set to be released on July 1st.