10 Weird British Sayings That Didn’t Translate To America

Believe it or not, not everything that’s said in America can be directly translated to other countries. When you say “my bad” or “you do the math,” that confuses Brits because they never hear the first expression and they refer to the subject of math in a plural form, “maths.” There’s plenty more the world doesn’t get, but it also is exactly the same vice-versa. There’s a tonne of British sayings that don’t make sense in the United States. Here are 10 of the weirdest ones out there.

Total Cock-Up

Americans tend to go after the more vulgar “f*uck-up” version, but that essentially means this phrase with the Brits.

Chin Wag

This phrase could be the most confusing to Americans, but makes sense when defined. Chin wagging is just a more aggressive form of people gossiping among each other.