Range Rover Owner Parks Car Outside Dealership Plastered With Warnings

Range Rover Owner Parks Car Outside Dealership Plastered With Warnings

Steve Hamilton from Birmingham, England, spent almost a quarter of a million pound (£237,000) on three cars from a Land Rover dealership – one for himself, one for his pregnant wife and one for his father-in-law.

Hamilton had been a loyal customer to the dealership; purchasing ten cars from the same dealership over a decade, however recent events have left Hamilton leaving one of his Range Rover Vogue’s parked on the central reservation. Hamilton plastered his £63,000 car with signage that read;

“Do not use this dealership

Bad customer service

Totally incompetent

Lack of communication

Cannot fix the car”

Shortly after Hamilton purchased the cars, the vehicle he gifted his pregnant wife became riddled with issues. The gearbox, suspension, airbags all began experiencing issues, and there were issues with the engine oil. Thankfully Hamilton had taken out a three-year warranty on the vehicles, however getting Land Rover to honor this became a challenge.

Hamilton said he was on hold for more than five hours, and has claimed that Land Rover has done nothing to remedy the issues in the car. Even though the dealership has had the car for more than seven weeks to repair the gearbox and suspension, they are yet to give Hamilton an estimate on when the work will be completed.

The rightfully unhappy customer has taken matters into is own hands. Hamilton tasked a graphic designer to create the signage and place it on his car, which Hamilton then parked out the front of the dealership.

“Nothing was being done. So I went to a specialist graphic designer to mark the car with the words I wanted. Then I decided to park it outside the dealership as I thought “I’m not going to let this happen to anyone else”.

I’ve since been contacted several times by the dealership. They’ve even offered me free champagne, but I don’t drink. All I want is for them to fix the car. We’re in disputes at the moment. But I have given them the spare key and said ‘bring it into the garage, fix it and drop it back off outside my house.”