10 Ridiculously Inappropriate Shirts Kids Won’t Understand

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Growing up we have all missed the innuendos and inappropriate references inserted into Disney movies, but when your parents start laughing you feel inclined to join in, it is a Disney movie after all. When you see your parents break out in the same laughter in public, you also assume it is an innocent laugh; linking it to a Disney movie laugh. Boy oh boy are we wrong sometimes. With shirts like these, it would be hard going out with a straight face at all. These are ten ridiculously inappropriate shirts kids won’t understand.

Child Sexuality

We know what the debates say about child beauty pageants and how it affects the girls growing up, but it certainly doesn’t help with shirts like these telling girls to, “keep it juicy.”


Anyone who has had to write in cursive in their lives at school will quite easily be able to tell you that this says “Rape” instead of “Rope”, even though the writing is written in rope.


Kids may think this shirt is referring to cookies or the time mum said no to some chips, but we know what the real deal is. Remember kids, no means no.

Weird Dildo

Although the original meaning behind this is quite innocent, when your daughter starts growing up and the birds and the bees talk happens, its best to steer clear of this shirt. Talk about awkward.

Theme Parks

We all know the theme park requirements where you have to be of certain height to enjoy a ride. Unfortunately this shirt doesn’t specify which ride, and the implied ride is quite a filthy idea. At least there’s a limit to how short they can be.

Gridiron Queen

Why work hard when you can marry a rich husband? This shirt sets up all the little cheerleaders in life.


The minds of the innocent are not at stake with this shirt. No, in this case it is the adult mind that is going to make the worst of a kids shirt.


Daddy must be proud to have his daughter walk around with this shirt on. As an innuendo for being an “easy girl”, this saying should definitely not be on a girl’s shirt.

Wet Mickey Mouse

With a subtle innuendo of a “wet mickey” and the obvious word in all capitals saying “SEX” on the front, we wonder if even kids will miss the meaning of the shirt.


As funny as this shirt is, many questions will be raised by young and innocent minds. Whether its mum or dad explaining this sexual reference, neither party will get off easily.