Experiment With Dry Ice Bubbles Will Leave You Amazed


Taras Kulakov, better known as the Crazy Russian Hacker, loves to make videos of useful creations for everyday life and creates lots of unique experiments. His homemade dry ice bubble maker is awesome to see, and it will shock you how easy it is to make.

All Kulakov does is mix dry ice with warm water in a jar that has a long tube sticking out of it. Like with regular dry ice, smoke will be coming out of the tube when a lid is covering the jar. Now, fill a small glass with soap and insert the end of the tube with the smoke coming out of it. When the tube comes out, it will quickly try to make bubbles. Keep a steady process going, and the bubbles will continue to get bigger and bigger.

While some will pop with little bits of smoke going into the air, bubbles will continue to get bigger and bigger. They will also attach onto each other easily and last longer than regular bubbles. You won’t believe how many Kulakov holds in one hand later in his experiment.