David Grohl Breaks Leg On Stage, Comes Back And Finishes The Show


The Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl broke his leg during a concert in Gothenburg, Sweden, but still managed to finish the show after getting a cast on his leg. Grohl had taken a tumble off the stage during the set and broke his right leg, before being rushed to a nearby hospital. Before he left, Grohl said to the audience “I think I just broke my leg. So look, you have my promise right now that the Foo Fighters, we gotta come back and finish the show, but right now….I’m going to go to the hospital.”

The former Nirvana drummer did return to the stage and finished off the rest of the show by singing, whilst sitting down on a chair in the middle of the stage. He also managed to walk around the stage on crutches, interacting with the audience and sending them home happy and with a story to tell.