Bottle of Scotch Bigger Than Your Bathtub Selling For £1,500,000

Bottle of Scotch Bigger Than Your Bathtub Selling For £1,500,000

If you’re over the legal age to consume alcohol, chances are you have one or two bottles somewhere in the house. A little drink after a long day at work, or while spending time with loved ones and friends, makes a world of difference sometimes.

But what are the chances you’d buy a bottle of scotch as big as your bathtub for the staggering price of £1,500,000?

None? Well, you’re certainly not in the minority here.

But recently, a 311-liter bottle of scotch which, let’s be honest here, will likely never be consumed, is set to sell for the aforementioned price tag. The bottle is a 32-year-old Macallan, which will hit auction at the Edinburgh-based Lyon & Turnbull next month, in May, and is both the largest bottle of scotch in the world and also the most expensive by far.

If you’re unclear how large 311 liters is, consider this: it holds three times as much as your average bathtub. On average, it takes 100 liters of water to fill a modern bathtub.

Furthermore, its size is equal to 444 standard bottles of scotch. If you break down the total cost per bottle for similar scotch, you might find it’s a good deal. But then again, who has over one million to drop on a bottle of scotch that’s more novelty than useful.

According to the auction house, 25% of all money earned by selling the bottle will go to the Marie Curie cancer charity.

Talking about the sale, Lyon & Turnbull’s Colin Fraser said:

Bidders will have the chance to buy a piece of Scotch whisky history. They will become the owners of an exclusive 32-year-old single-malt Scotch from what is widely regarded as one of the world’s best distilleries, The Macallan.

Regarding the quality of the bottle, to ensure no one believes it is genuinely nothing more than a novelty, Charles MacLean, one of Scotland’s whisky experts, said:

The Intrepid is an elegant whisky, with subtle complexity.

Its pale hue implies second or third fill casks, which has prevented the flavour being dominated by wood extractives.

Intriguing and easy to enjoy straight – with (many) friends – on any occasion.

In all, the bottle of scotch sat in a warehouse in two sister casks for 32 years before it was bottled in 2021 by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky. Each purchase includes a replica of the main bottle, plus individual versions of the whisky dedicated to those who worked on the pioneering exploration project of the same name. In total, there are 11 pioneering explorers featured on the bottles that come with The Intrepid.

Will you buy a piece of whisky history for such a staggering sum?