Australian Yoga Studio Now Offers Naked Yoga Classes

Australian Yoga Studio Now Offers Naked Yoga Classes

So many fitness fads come and go nowadays, popping up like mushrooms everywhere. In a yoga studio in Perth, Australia, fitness enthusiasts can now enjoy ‘naked yoga’. Yes, it really is a thing. According to the Daily Mail, Twisting Peacock Yoga Studio is now offering nude yoga in Australia — and since its introduction, it has been very popular. All their first sessions sold out within a week!

Their goal is to give women confidence and comfort towards their own body. Naked yoga allows them more freedom of movement, free from the constraints of clothing. The yoga studio owner, Melissa Howard, says: “It’s about empowering women to break free from all their insecurities & all of their body hang-ups; to drop all the crap about that kind of stuff.”

Doing yoga in the nude is not a ‘new’ form of exercise. It has been around for centuries — many practice yoga in the nude at home or in nature, and growing practices in classes have increased especially in western societies where social nudity is more accepted.

The yoga session has been so popular that they are also thinking of starting nude yoga classes for couples.