10 Facts You Probably Never Knew

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We have been told since we were children that gum will take seven years to digest if we swallow it — mainly an old wives tale, and we didn’t swallow it because we were scared of what would happen. This list contains ten facts that you thought were true, but are not. Like bananas, did you think they grew on trees? Or maybe pineapples — did you know they actually grow in the ground? Read on to find out 10 facts you never knew!

Alcohol Keeps You Warm

Alcohol can actually drop your core body temperature, but it does dilate warm blood vessels near the skin, this is what gives us the impression of feeling warm.

Bananas Grow On Trees

We all thought bananas grew on trees, but the reality is they actually grow on massive herbs that look like trees.

7 Years To Digest Gum

It actually doesn’t take 7 years to digest gum, the chewy base is indigestible and just passes straight through your body whereas the rest is absorbed.

Goldfish’s 3-Second Memory

A lot of people think that Goldfish’s have a 3-second memory, but they actually have a 3 month memory span.

Humans And Dinosaurs

Some people believe that we coexisted with dinosaurs, but we actually missed out on that opportunity by about 64 million years.

Milk Increases Mucus

Have you ever been told that milk increases mucus? Well it doesn’t, so you don’t have to avoid it if you’re sick.

Oil Stops Stuck Pasta

You may think that oil will stop pasta from sticking to the pot, but it actually just makes it greasy. Stirring prevents pasta from sticking.

Shaving Thickens Hair

Shaving really doesn’t thicken, coarsen or darken hair, it just looks as if it has because the tips have grown back blunt.

Sugar Makes You Hyperactive

Studies show that this is false, children can be hyperactive without any sugar in their diets.

Don’t Eat And Swim

Did you know that eating and swimming actually doesn’t increase your chances of getting cramps, swimming with a full tummy may make you feel short of breath though.