8 Fascinating Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Norway and Sweden: Tomte

Tomte is the holiday mascot of Sweden and Norway. He’s a tiny gnome varying from only a few inches to just about three feet tall, depending on the reports. Tomte secretly lived in a farmer’s house and protected it. These days, believers leave out a bowl of porridge with butter on top for him to eat on his way out. Adorable.

Hungary: Mikulas

Mikulas is Santa’s Hungarian cousin. He’s not the gift-giver on Christmas Day, but instead leaves candy and nuts in the shoes of good children on December 6th. Mikulas is a bit of a funny one though – if your shoes aren’t shiny enough, he won’t leave anything. Best get the polish out guys. Why he looks like a cross between Santa and the Pope, we may never know. We wish we could tell you what was going on this picture too…