20 Weirdest Places Drugs Have Been Smuggled

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Drug dealers generally aren’t the smartest people in the world. They may be able to pocket a lot of a money doing something illegally, but it won’t last forever. They often do the undoing themselves by committing a stupid act when transporting the goods. You have to admire some of the creative ways these people think of smuggling drugs to other countries in this list, from stuffing them in children’s toys to putting them in breast implants. Some of them, though, are not so commendable.


Two drug dealers surgically inserted an undisclosed amount of cocaine into their Labrador. The drugs were sent from Colombia to Britain, but were caught at the Stansted Airport.

Public Flower Pot

Maybe they didn’t think it’d be conspicuous if marijuana grew around normal plants, but police eventually noticed the plant when it grew three feet tall.


Peru police found four tons of liquid cocaine in over 8,000 cans of artichokes. The package was en route to Spain.


The Guatemalan Army received a tip and took control of a submarine operated by Colombians and Mexicans that had nearly 10 tons of cocaine on board.

Jesus Christ

A 6.6-pound Jesus Christ statue was found in the trunk of Mexican’s car that held an undisclosed amount of cocaine.


Over 3 million dollars worth of marijuana was found inside mangos by drug-sniffing dogs in Southern Texas.


2,000 pounds of marijuana and 150 pounds of methamphetamines were located by Border Control in a shipment of sea shells. The resale value was estimated to be over $3 million.

Canned Drinks

Approximately 38 pounds of marijuana were found in soda and beer cans by Texas Border Patrol agents in El Paso back in 2010.


Canadian Border Services found two different boxes of chocolate filled with cocaine on two separate occasions.

Breast Implants

A Venezuelan woman stored four pounds of cocaine in her breast implants. She was caught after screenings revealed the drugs in her fake boobs.

Roasted Chicken

A Nigerian man was caught by national officials with approximately $150,000 worth of cocaine stuffed in multiple roast chickens.

Fake Butt

Authorities caught a Brazilian man at an airport who was dressed as a woman. Police discovered that he had 5.5 pounds of cocaine in his fake butt.


A Chilean man heading to Barcelona fractured two bones and tried to smuggle 10.5 pounds of cocaine, which made up the entirety of his cast.

Children’s Toy

An Oregon mom unexpectedly purchased an Easter gift for her baby that contained three bags of marijuana. It was hidden in a “Smart Shots Sports Center” located in the clearance center at Wal-mart.

Belly Fat

A woman from Michigan tried to sneak in some dope into jail after being sentenced. She was caught because she somehow forgot that officers watch you strip before putting on jail attire.

Custard Packets

Border Control picked up a suitcase at a New York airport that was originally from Guyana. The suitcase was filled with milk powder and custard powder packets that also were mixed with cocaine.

Retirement Home

Even the most unsuspecting places can be dealing drugs. A 64-year-old man in a California retirement home ran a meth lab in his room. Officers were able to recover nearly $2,000 worth of crystal meth.


An undisclosed amount of drugs were found by the US Customs and Border Protection in a Nintendo Wii in New Jersey.

Stuffed Animals

A Bronx drug ring was caught with numerous Build-A-Bear dolls filled with dope. In total, the bears contained 33 pounds of heroin and 12 people were arrested.


A woman from Washington decided it would be a good idea to deposit a bag of meth in an ATM machine. Not too smart, considering they have cameras.