20 Ways You’re Really, Really Old

If you were born any time during the late 80’s or early 90’s then congratulations, you’re in your 20’s. Known to most other people as the prime of your life, the reality of being in your 20’s is a little different than you thought it would be. Most of the time, you feel like a child in an adult’s body, forced to deal with responsibility that you didn’t ask for. There is also a whole generation of teenagers telling you how old you are. Sadly for you, things are just about to get a whole lot worse. Your childhood is officially over and to prove it, here’s 20 things to make you feel really old.

High School Musical Is 9 Years Old

Whilst the very first time you got swept up in the sweet music at East High School might feel like just yesterday, the very first movie came out 9 years ago. The music might be over for now, but you can be a wildcat for life.

Ross Geller’s Son Is 20

In Friends, Ross Geller’s son Ben was always the most cute addition to the cast. Terrifyingly, the actor who played Ben recently graduated college and entered the adult world.

Britney’s First Baby Is Almost 10 Years Old

It seems like yesterday that Britney was first strutting her stuff in the high school corridors of her first music video, but the fact is that she has an (almost) 10 year old son. The fact the she hasn’t aged a day since is both impressive and unnerving.

Facebook Is Over 10 Years Old

Can you remember when you signed up for Facebook? Teens of the original platforms are now fully fledged adults and it seems like there was never a time in which the social site wasn’t around. For most kids growing up now, there won’t have been.