15 Reasons Why Ladies Love The Dadbod

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The latest trend all over the internet nowadays is the Dadbod. Women from all over the World Wide Web are going crazy over the said physique, which hails the imperfections and curves of men. What exactly is the dadbod?

A ‘dadbod’ is a type of body that is neither fat nor obese, but not perfectly toned with six-pack abs. These guys occasionally go to the gym, but they also can’t turn down a good time having beer and pizza as well. Women are now ditching the guy with the hard pecs and abs for a dude that is more comfortable and real. Not convinced? Here are 15 reasons why women love the dudes with dadbods now–even celebrities are caught sporting them.

Women Want To Rock That Bikini

Women are such insecure creatures who think they’re not good enough, partly because the media feeds them with unrealistic perfect bodies all the time.

Being with a muscled man can make a woman insecure, but ladies with dadbods feel better about their bodies; and of course they rock that bikini next to their dadbod boyfriends or husbands.

Ladies Love To Cuddle

Women love cuddles and warm hugs. No one wants to hug a rock, there’s nothing sexy about that.

Women Feel Better About Themselves

Women certainly want to be the ‘hot one’ in the relationship, and the pressure to keep up can take a toll on them.

Dadbods are great because they make the women feel special. They feel more secure and better themselves when they’re with guys with dadbods. When a woman feels better about herself, she will have a healthy and happy outlook on life.

Dadbods Won’t Body-Shame

They won’t make fun of your shape–because they have their own too. Dadbods respect the ladies’ bodies more, and thus won’t make insulting remarks or bad jokes regarding your weight because they know the feeling.

Women Don’t Feel Like They Have To Compete With Them

Women are full of insecurities who see everything as a competition. Dating the guy with the perfect body makes them feel worse about themselves, like they constantly have to compete and ‘keep up’. You develop a complex where you have to measure everything: ‘Oh, I already ate 3 slices of pizza while he’s on the gym lifting weights. I must do triple the work to keep up with him!’ That’s certainly not our idea of fun.

Dates Are More Fun

Dudes with dadbods certainly know how to have fun. You can go on dates where you can watch a movie with some popcorn and soda, or go to a meal in a restaurant without him counting your calories.

Dadbod dudes certainly have more variety than the Adonis from the gym whose idea of a ‘date’ is running a marathon together, doing yoga together or lifting weights together. Yawn.

He Won’t Complain About Your Lack Of ‘Assets’

Guys with dadbods won’t complain about the size of your breasts — simply because they have their own, too.

Dadbods Aren’t Superficial.

They look beyond looks and beauty and delve deeper on what truly matters: your brains and personality.

Dadbods Put You First

They put women’s need first before their own. They put their ladies in the limelight and bask them with attention and admiration from the background.

Dadbods Are More Confident

Ironically, dadbods are more confident than the guys in the gym. They are sure about themselves and not afraid to show off what they got, flaws and curves included.

There’s More To Talk About Aside From Health And Fitness

A real man with a dadbod has more depth than the Greek God she dated before. I’m sure women get bored of guys just talking about protein shakes and cardio fitness. They have a wider range of topics and women can relate to them more. They are real.

When They Take Off That Shirt, You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

It’s always a surprise once he takes off that shirt. There might be new contours and curves on his body, you never know what you’re gonna get. It makes lovemaking more thrilling and sexy.

Women Want To Have Something To Hold On To

When having sex, it’s nice for the ladies to have something to hold on to, to feel the weight of the man on top of you. Men with the perfectly chiseled body just feels like rock climbing in bed. It’s nicer to have the feeling of an XL pillow on top of you.

You Can Have A Round Of Drinks With Him And It’s Okay

Want a fun night out with your guy and friends? You can have a round of beer (and a whole pizza!) with your man–and you don’t need to freak out about the calories you need to lose the next day. Guys with the dadbod are more fun and spontaneous, they live life a little.

You Know What He Looks Like 20 Years Into The Future.

That’s the best thing about having the dadbod. What you see is what you get! You basically know what he will look like when he becomes… well, a dad.