20 Ways To Reduce Stress And Increase Energy

​Take A Walk

On your lunch break, maybe take a quick 20 minute stroll outside the office. Fresh air improves your mood and increases your energy.

​Don’t Skip Meals (Or Snacks)

Bodies start to shut down if they don’t receive the nutrition that they need. Healthy meals and snack improve your cognitive function.

​Eat Your Carbs

People continue to hate on carbs, but complex carbohydrate (like whole grains) are the one of the best things to eat to fuel your body. The glucose that carbs provide serve as brain food, with a recent study showing that a meal comprising of complex carbs makes subjects feel more energized. Studies have also found that individuals who consume a low-carb diet tend to be moodier.

​Go Sugar-Free

Studies suggest that sugary caffeine-free drinks can lead to a crash similar to the crash that is caused by consuming too much caffeine. Drink sugar-free beverages as often as possible.