20 Ways To Forget Your Ex And Enjoy A Relationship Gap Year

Get To Know And Love Yourself

Being in a relationship for a long period and all of the compromises that come with it often causes us to lose sight of who we are as individuals. Take the time to really figure out what you love and what you don’t, strengthen those characteristics, and appreciate them because they’re you. Are you really on a paleo diet because you like it, or because he wanted you to? Time to find out, and stick to it. Then, in the next relationship, you won’t be one of those people who morphs into their partner. Spend some time by yourself – at first you will feel lonely, but that’s just at first. You’re always going to be stuck with you, so now is a great time to enjoy your own company. This will be harder for people who are naturally extroverts (don’t worry, there are tips in this list for you too), but you have to learn to enjoy your time alone so that you understand that it won’t hurt you. And anyway, how can you expect other people to like you if you don’t?


After a few months, even your closest friends will be sick of hearing about your break up. They may not say so, but they are. Another way to vent is to write out your sadness and frustration. You can keep a traditional diary, or why not fictionalize what’s happened and what you’re feeling, which will help put some distance between you and painful real life. You never know, you may find you have a gift and move on to writing about other (and more enjoyable) topics!

Observe And Learn

The best way to learn is to observe, so take this time to note how other couples – successful and not so successful – interact with each other. Being out of a relationship will help you to be more objective in your observations. Note what it is successful couples do, how they communicate with each other, and how they maintain their individuality. More importantly, learn from those couples who don’t get on well, and how you can avoid those pitfalls in your next relationship.


Every now and then you need an escape, and the best way is to read. Watching a movie is good too, but reading requires more concentration. A great book will really suck you in to its world, and give you a reprieve from yours for a while. Explore different genres, get recommendations from your friends and websites, and stretch yourself. So while you’re escaping, you’re also broadening your language and knowledge.