20 Ways Having An Older Sibling Really Sucked Growing Up

In the eyes of society, there is nothing sweeter than being the youngest sibling growing up. The baby of your parents’ eyes, everyone assumes that you always got what you wanted and were doted on by those around you. The reality, of course, was a little different and if you had one or more older siblings growing up, this all might hit a little close to home. Having older siblings was a daily struggle and if you’re the littlest of your family, we really feel your pain growing up.

Your Older Sibling Got In The Way Of Everything

Trying to do anything at all as the youngest sibling was virtually an impossibility and if you wanted to get something done, you had to make sure your siblings were out of the house. You had no secrets growing up, not for want of trying.

Your Parents Always Called You By Your Siblings’ Names

Growing up as the youngest was not as fun as everyone else would have you think and going around the house, you often felt like an invisible presence. More often than not, your parents would call you by your siblings’ names and after years of it, you just grew accustomed to the fact.

Everything You Had Was Hand Me Down

New clothes were a luxury in your household and as long as they weren’t ripped in half, all of your belongings came from your older siblings. Being able to buy your own things was a genuine thrill.

No One Cared When You Reached Milestones

With older siblings losing teeth and learning to walk before you were even born, your own major milestones were a bit of a let down to your parents. The fact that no-one can even remember what you first word was is just another example.