20 Ways Having An Older Sibling Really Sucked Growing Up

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In the eyes of society, there is nothing sweeter than being the youngest sibling growing up. The baby of your parents’ eyes, everyone assumes that you always got what you wanted and were doted on by those around you. The reality, of course, was a little different and if you had one or more older siblings growing up, this all might hit a little close to home. Having older siblings was a daily struggle and if you’re the littlest of your family, we really feel your pain growing up.

Your Older Sibling Got In The Way Of Everything

Trying to do anything at all as the youngest sibling was virtually an impossibility and if you wanted to get something done, you had to make sure your siblings were out of the house. You had no secrets growing up, not for want of trying.

Your Parents Always Called You By Your Siblings’ Names

Growing up as the youngest was not as fun as everyone else would have you think and going around the house, you often felt like an invisible presence. More often than not, your parents would call you by your siblings’ names and after years of it, you just grew accustomed to the fact.

Everything You Had Was Hand Me Down

New clothes were a luxury in your household and as long as they weren’t ripped in half, all of your belongings came from your older siblings. Being able to buy your own things was a genuine thrill.

No One Cared When You Reached Milestones

With older siblings losing teeth and learning to walk before you were even born, your own major milestones were a bit of a let down to your parents. The fact that no-one can even remember what you first word was is just another example.

Other People Always Mistook You For Your Older Sibling

To everyone else, your older siblings were more memorable and no matter how many times you told them your name, they always mistook you for someone else. Being forgettable feels great when you’re a child.

Your Older Sibling Always Embarrassed You

No matter the occasion, your older sibling could always find a way in which to humiliate you in front of your friends and peers. Because you were younger, you were always less cool, and there was nothing you could do about it.

You Were Always The Guinea Pig Growing Up

If your siblings wanted to try a new experiment or cook something strange, you were always the test subject. Being younger and smaller meant that you couldn’t argue and growing up, you were subject to some interesting concoctions.

Your Older Brothers Used You For Boxing Practice

Pity for the person who had older brothers growing up; despite your tiny frame and weedy arms, your older brothers saw no problem with using you as a punching bag when you were growing up and to this day, you still have the scars.

Your Parents Never Paid You Attention

Let’s face it; anything you ever did when growing up had already been done by your older siblings. Your parents were rarely impressed by anything that you did and as a result, didn’t really pay you much attention.

Everything You Got Was Already Broken

New toys were the thing of dreams for you growing up and the only reason that your siblings would willingly share what they had was if it was already broken. Now, you don’t let other people touch you things for fear of what they might do.

You Were Always Known As The Baby

No matter how old you got, everyone in the family always referred to you as the baby. Getting other people to take you seriously was a real challenge and even now, you struggle to be heard.

You Were Always The Butt Of The Joke

Being the youngest meant that you were always the easiest target around and as a result, you had every joke in the book played on you. Your siblings seemed to have no awareness of the pain they were causing you or, if they had, just didn’t care.

You Could Never Go On A Date In Peace

Bringing home a new date was always a big deal in your house and as you were the youngest, your older siblings really tortured you. After a while, you got used to the constant humiliation and took it on the chin like a real trooper.

You Had A New Makeover Every Week

Older sisters always had a new makeover look they wanted to try and while they were in the process of getting it right, they used you as a dummy. There is an entire photo album dedicated to your weekly makeovers and even now, you can’t look at glitter without shuddering.

You Were Never Allowed Nice Food

On the rare occasion that your parents actually let you have nice snacks, you never even got a look in. Everything that you were eventually given had already been picked over by your siblings and all you got were the rejected parts.

You Never Had A Proper Babysitter

Both a blessing and a curse, your older siblings acted as your babysitter when your parents went out. While you were probably more likely to be able to stay up late, it came with a price, and if you didn’t obey your siblings’ every word, you were in big trouble.

You Never Got To Play Video Games

Having two older siblings meant that afternoons were spent watching them have all the fun on video games. Even though they promised you a turn on the game, it never seemed to materialize.

You Were Never Safe From Potential Attack

Over the years, you learned to be alert to any potential attack, thanks to the things your siblings put you through. Even now, you can’t go to bed until you have checked under the covers and in the wardrobe, in fear of what might be lurking.

You Were Always Blamed For Everything

Being the youngest meant that it was much harder to stand up for yourself and anything that went wrong was normally put on your head. Your siblings loved to set you up for failure and to this day, you haven’t really forgiven them.

You Were The Last To Do Anything

Taking turns when you were growing up was the most painful thing ever and no matter what, you always had to do things last. You were the last on the swings, the last to get a slice of cake, and the last to jump off the diving board. You’re certain it’s damaged you psychologically.