20 Ways Dating Crushes Your Soul

You Feel Pressured To Be Original

If you are the date instigator, it is up to you to decide on what to do. Apparently, drinks or dinner don’t suffice any more, so be prepared to have something pretty spectacular up your sleeve. Remember, though: If you get a second date, it must outdo the first, so don’t go too big.

The Greeting Is A Mine Field

Chances are, you already like each other but how do you say hello before the date’s even begun? An awkward wave? An even more awkward hug? A cheek kiss? I don’t know about you but I’m getting anxiety even thinking about it.

You Have To Talk About Yourself

The rules are, you ask them everything about themselves and vice versa. Got a job that you hate? Get ready to big it up! You’re going to be talking about it all night long.

You Never Order What You Really Want

When all you really want is the spaghetti, it pains you to have to order something a little more date friendly. There’s cute-messy and then there’s spaghetti-messy. Don’t get the two mixed up.