10 Times We Ignored Deadly Warnings About Our World

It seems like once per month or more we are hearing about a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe that has shaken the world to its core. After the fact, sadly, is when the world tends to pay attention to when something disastrous happens, after thousands have lost their lives, and after millions, if not billions, of dollars worth of homes and businesses have been destroyed. Occasionally, science has come across world-wide catastrophes that we’ve known about for years at a time, and have been capable of doing something about. Unfortunately, we don’t. Here are ten deadly warnings about the planet that we somehow ignored.

Haiti Earthquake

Back in 2010, the Haiti Earthquake struck, destroying homes and killing thousands of people. Since 1998, however, researchers had been predicting such a massive earthquake within the region. No one did a thing about it, though.

Fukushima Meltdown

In 2011, a Japanese earthquake managed to devastate the country and destroy a nuclear power plant in its wake. It is considered one of the worst disasters in the world. Twenty years before that, though, scientists were investigating the potential for such a catastrophe, but no one listened.