20 Walking Dead Characters You’ve Probably Forgotten About

The Walking Dead is one of the highest rated television shows of all time in the United States. With compelling story lines and never-ending drama, it is no wonder why people of all ages flock to this show week after week. Despite the fanbase, no character is safe from a meeting with death. It typically comes without warning and adds a massive shock value. While many beloved characters have joined the ranks of the undead, some less memorable have also traveled the same road. Here are 20 characters from The Walking Dead that you may not remember.


Jacqui was one of the survivors in the original Atlanta group. When the group makes their way to the CDC, they find out that the cure is not longer being worked on. Jacqui joins scientist Jenner when the building self-destructs, killing both of them.


Jim was also a member of the original Atlanta group. During an ambush on their camp by walkers, Jim is bitten. The group tries to keep him alive long enough to get him to the CDC for help, but Jim ultimately has them leave him behind.

The Morales Family

While little is known about the entire family, the father often went on runs with Rick and the gang in season 1. When the group makes the choice to leave Atlanta for the CDC, the family decides to leave and make their own group. Their fates are still unknown.


Amy was the younger sister of Andrea. While Andrea had a major impact on the show, Amy didn’t get her chance. She was bitten during a zombie attack the day before her birthday.