20 Wacky And Mind-Boggling Addictions People Actually Have


An addiction to reading is a real thing. Those afflicted read so much and so often that they experience a sharp disconnect from people and society. Don Quixote had this problem, of course: he read so many tales of knights and chivalry that he eventually believed them to be true. If you start seeing dragons in place of windmills, seek help.

The Web

Clinics like reStart treat people who are addicted to the web. Ironically, reStart has clinics situated near various Microsoft Headquarters. Sometimes patients get caught smuggling in things like smartphones. Those most addicted develop sleep and eating disorders, as well as a reduced attention span.

Soap Operas

Soap operas are designed to be addictive, but for certain people the addiction controls their lives. Some will watch the same episodes over and over again; others’ social skills may wither away; and some will experience financial problems.

Eating Glass

This one will make your throat constrict: Josh, a 27-year-old in Ohio, is addicted to eating glass. He says he gets a warm and tingly feeling when he chomps down on a serving. His snacks of choice: champagne glasses or light bulbs. Many stage performers, such as Michel Lotito, have been known to eat such things, but Josh does this just for his own personal pleasure.