20 Things Wrong With The USA

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The United States of America is a beautiful country with an incredibly strong basis in freedom, independence, and loyalty. Americans are fiercely committed to their homeland, and they have a genuinely deep love for the place they are from. There are many great things about America, but every single country has negative things about it, and America is no exception. When the rest of the world looks at America, what do they see? Read on to find out.

Dating Culture

People no longer date in America. They insult each other perpetually, and harass one another via email, Facebook, and text. Relationships fall apart faster than they did 50 years ago simply because no one knows how to properly converse anymore.

The Police Force

Police are trained way too quickly and militarized far too much. They have an excessive amount of power, and not enough oversight. This has resulted in multiple killings, seemingly motivated by race, and not much else.

High Obesity Rate

Over 40% of the American population is classified as “obese.” This means that they are unnaturally overweight – not just “naturally bigger boned.”

Sense Of Entitlement

For the most part, American children grow up extremely comfortably. They grow into adults who have had a severe lack of hardship or struggle, and develop a sense of entitlement, feeling that everything is owed to them. America is raising children to have poor work ethics.

Extreme Addictions

No, not to drugs or alcohol (although that is an issue as well). Americans, especially teenagers, have an extreme addiction to technology, entertainment, and celebrities.

Culture Of Violence

The United States has an obscene amount of murders, hate crimes, and racist attacks; especially for a country that claims to promote equality, tolerance, and freedom.

Feminists Gone Wild

Feminism is a wonderful, beautiful thing – when it is about equality. In some cases, it has gone way too far – speaking of the eradication of men themselves.

The Rate Of Debt

Household debt is at an all-time high in the United States. And what does everyone do? Pretty much ignores it.


Yes, Starbucks is a problem. Frappucinos are not coffee, and when you go somewhere specifically for the wi-fi, you aren’t exactly engaging in a social situation.

Donald Trump

The fact that Donald Trump is allowed to place himself on the bid to be a Republican candidate is appalling in itself. The fact that he is leading in the polls is absolutely abysmal. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong with America. He is masochistic, offensive, racist, and conceited.

Public Transportation

Some places in America have great transportation systems in place. Others…seem to have been a bit of an afterthought.


Honestly, the fact that these people are placed on a pedestal for being mediocre actors/actresses or for being better-looking than others (in Hollywood’s own standards) is atrocious. Americans need to think for themselves, instead of letting Hollywood do it for them.

Political Correctness

“Freedom of speech” only seems to be applicable if you are speaking in tolerant, agreeable terms. If you happen to disagree with gay marriage, or abortion, you are automatically labelled as homophobic or sexist.

Public Bathrooms

It is literally impossible to find a public washroom in America that offers any sort of real privacy. The toilets are incredibly low, and the doors have gaps in them that people can easily see through. And everyone can hear everything.

“Smart” Phones

The phones may be smart, but the people using them seem to be the opposite. People in America spend more time on their phones than with their friends, and spend more time taking pictures for Instagram or Snapchat than making actual memories.

Lack Of Individuality

Americans are constantly talking about being individual, but it only really applies in the way that they dress. When it comes down it to it, we all generally speak the same way, take part in the same activities, and watch the same types of TV shows.

Chemically Engineered Foods

It is difficult in America to find food that isn’t made in a factory…which probably attributes to the obesity rate.

Lack Of Boundaries

Americans tend to get so upset when the thought of the NSA going through their texts comes up, but they literally divulge the details of their personal lives to anyone who will listen.

Obsession With “New” Things

Americans seem to have an obsession with always having the latest and greatest technology. Material items are so important that we throw away things that are in perfect condition, just to get something “newer.”

Inability To Comprehend World Affairs

Media dumbs down most global news stories, or doesn’t even bother telling them if they feel that Americans won’t be interested. We would rather keep up with the Kardashians than hear about what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine.