20 Things The Movies Taught Us About High School

High School, like pretty much everything else in life, seems so much better in the movies. Access to better clothes, make-up and impossibly attractive actors takes the average schooling experience and ramps it up to ten and, unless you’re a movie star already, there’s no point in comparing it with your own. More often than not, however, High School films get it right and if you’re in need of a life lesson or two, there’s no better place to look than the movies.

Never Eat The Coleslaw

Rule number one: Cafeteria food is not to be trusted. The coleslaw might seem like the perfect side dish to your lunch but unless you were personally involved in its preparation, don’t even think about getting involved. Only bad things come from eating the coleslaw

If You’re Blonde, You’re Popular

Need I continue? Pretty much across the board, the High School hottie is blonde. There’s just something about the fairer hair which makes you instantly attractive to others. Call it physics, call it what you want; there’s no denying it.

Don’t Punch Above Your Weight

If you’re a geek, or a musician or a loner, stick to your place. When people try and punch above their weight, only bad things tend to happen. High School has an unspoken ranking system in place and whilst it might seem cruel, it’s there for a reason.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

At the same time, don’t assume that you know who someone is just by their clique. People will surprise you with hidden talents and if you’re in movie land, it’s more than likely you will discover them.