20 Deliciously Cool Food Inspired Furniture

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One of the things we love most in this world is food, whether it’s fast-food, healthy fruits and vegetables or scrumptious desserts; let’s be real, people love food, and most importantly people need food! So it’s no surprise that artists from around the world are inspired to create a variety of items replicating its nutritious goodness. Take furniture for example, did you know that many different types of furniture and other household items are inspired by food? Well take a look for yourselves — here are 20 deliciously cool food inspired furniture.

Pizza Bed

To be fair, it’s not so much the bed, it’s really the bedding that’s inspired by pizza, but you get the point.

Ice Cream Bench

It looks delicious especially on a hot summer day, but take our advice and don’t lick it!

Jumbo Drumstick Pillow

This could feed a family of three for a week; if only it was the real thing. Bummer!

Cupcake Stools

Is there anything cuter than these cupcake stools? I don’t think so!

Round Hamburger Bed

Cure your hunger pangs with this true-to-form hamburger bed; then again it might just make you hungrier!

Chocolate Tub And Basin

It doesn’t get any better than a chocolate tub and basin; I mean come on this is heaven!

Baked Potato Beanbag

This quirky baked potato beanbag seems perfect for a college dormroom.

Cream Pouffe

As edible as these may seem, they are for sitting not eating.

Candy Bowl Sofa

Who needs candy when you can satisfy your sweet-tooth with this candy bowl sofa.

Muffin Pouffe

Whoever created this pouffe did a perfect job of replicating a muffin.

Ice-Cream Cone Beanbags

Beanbags are fun, but ice-cream cone beanbags takes it to another level.

Watermelon Pillow

Who wouldn’t want to rest their head on a delicious-looking watermelon pillow?

Pizza Sleeping Bag

If you’ve always wanted to cuddle with pizza, now you can!

A table inspired by cookies? Yes please!

Egg Rug

The epitome of breakfast-inspired decor!

Meat Chair

This is quite creative, but you couldn’t pay us enough to put this meat chair in our house-sorry.

Ketchup And Mustard Pillows

If we had to pick our favorite condiments ketchup and mustard would top the list; so this is pretty darn cool!

Sushi Furniture

Decorating your space with raw seafood would be weird and a bit smelly, but decorating with furniture inspired by seafood is perfectly acceptable.

Candy Coated Stool

This is not just inspired by candy, it’s actually made with candy. Yum Yum!

Cake Sofa

People make cakes that look like sofas, so why not sofas that look like cakes.