20 Things All Clumsy People Know To Be True

You Never Walk With Hot Drinks

Hot drinks are a genuine hazard when in your company and your friends have learned never to give you anything that could cause an injury if spilled. You’ve given up trying to drink coffee altogether; it’s just too dangerous.

You Are Never Trusted With Babies

You have dropped more babies than you care to admit to and by this point, you’re not allowed anywhere near them. You dread the day when you have children of your own; picking them up will be a real challenge.

Store Displays Always Topple Over

Somehow, store displays never manage to stay upright when you’re around. You can look at a stack of tins and they can all fall over, much to your bemusement. Store employees naturally hate you.

You’re Never Trusted In The Limelight

If you have to accept an award, or make any kind of public announcement, something is bound to go wrong. You’ve tripped over more times than you care to think about and by now, you’re not even allowed to walk on a stage.