20 Things About The USA That Americans Do Not Realize Are Weird

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Living in America, we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Everything we do is so normal, and there’s nothing strange about our culture, or the way we live, right? Wrong. There are actually a ton of things that make the US different from other countries.

Check out these 20 bizarre facts that make the United States of America just a tad bit strange as compared with the rest of the world. You will never look at the USA the same again.

Huge Portions

One thing that Americans love is food, and it certainly shows in our portions. Many foreigners that come to visit would be disgusted to see just how much food we serve for a normal portion.

Wearing The American Flag

Most countries find it very disrespectful to wear their flag on garments of clothing, especially as a bathing suit… something that us Americans see quite frequently.

Peanut Butter

It’s kind of upsetting that this is strange to other countries, but spreadable peanut butter is weird to some foreigners.

Unpaid Maternity Leave

Oh how nice it would be if paid maternity leave was a guaranteed thing in the US. Many countries find it strange that it’s not! In most countries, you have to receive a paid maternity leave.

Wearing Shoes Indoors

How many times have you been caught wearing your sneakers inside after coming in from a long day? To Korean’s and many other countries it is considered offensive to wear shoes inside.

We Love Our Pets

While pets are common around the world, Americans tend to love their pets a little more than other countries.

Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is so delicious… just not to foreigners. The idea of adding so much dye to change the color of the cake is atrocious to them.

Cheese Wiz

Okay…this one we understand. It’s cheese in a can; that’s a little weird.

Pickles Served With Everything

Many countries question why we serve pickles with everything we eat.

Cheese In General

Actually, most countries think our cheese is just disgusting. In many parts of the world you will find that cheese is much more rich and natural than the processed cheese you will find in the USA.

Free Refills

It is mind boggling to visitors from other countries that not only are our drinks super sized, but that you can drink an entire cup and refill it for free.


Going to the store and buying a loaf of “squishy” white bread is so weird for foreigners. They also think that our bread tastes way too sweet.

College Football

Other countries do not understand why we put our college athletes on a pedestal and treat them like celebrities. They view sports as a simple extra curricular activity.

Too Loud

Apprantly we are entirely too loud, but still very friendly.

Fortune Cookies After Chinese Food

Believe it or not, whenever visitors from China come to the States, they question why we give out fortune cookies after every meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Root Beer

Root Beer is just way too sweet for many foreigners. They do not understand why Americans would want to drink something so sweet with their meal.


This one we have to agree with, but foreigners are appalled at how wasteful we are, especially with food.

Over Commercialization Of Holidays

Apparantly, other countries think that we are greedy and try to make too much money off holidays by promoting sales for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc.

Chicken and Waffles

In other parts of the world, there is a distinct boundary between dinner and dessert. We feel bad for those parts of the world.

Frozen Meals

Okay, you got us on this one.