20 Terrifying Premonitions That Shouldn’t Have Been Overlooked

The Tragedy Of Flight MH17

Just a few months after the crashing of flight MH370, yet another aircraft was involved in devastating tragedy. Flight MH17 was brought down in airspace over Ukraine, for reasons that have not yet been truly uncovered. Whilst no-one seemed to see the event coming, one of the passengers, Miguel Panduwinata, had been plagued by terrible visions for the days leading up to the crash. Asking his mother what would happen if the plane crashed, Miguel later boarded the doomed flight, and tragically became caught up in the events.

The Hurricane Katrina Tragedy

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating in history and according to sources, one person saw it all happen months before. When monk Jeremy Driscoll heard about the dangers of a hurricane in Louisiana, he had a vision of the storm devastating a huge mass of land, which was deserted. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Driscoll’s premonition seemed to come true.

The Visions Of Anna Schoff

Vocal coach Anna Schoff was plagued by a number of terrifying visions about one her students, Rose Gilbert, who had plans to later move to New York. Despite warning Gilbert of her visions, Schoff was accused of being jealous about the student’s big move and when Gilbert was later stabbed to death in her apartment, Schoff could not believe what had happened.

The Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Sandy Hook school shooting left unthinkable devastation in the local community, leaving 26 people dead and countless more injured. Weeks before, however, 5 year old Logan started having panic attacks and terrible visions which doctors could find no reasoning behind. When the principle attempted to soothe Logan, he screamed that the school was not a safe place to be, something which sadly came true some months later.