20 Stars Whose Careers Are Fading Away

Hollywood is in constant flux with new actors and actresses. One day they’re famous the next day they’re not. The movie industry is becoming so oversaturated with stars that older ones are becoming obsolete. In a blink of an eye, a celebrity’s career can disappear right in front of you and you may not have even noticed it. They’ve become so expendable that it’s hard to keep up with who’s who nowadays. Who is still relevant? What celebrities have fallen off the face of the earth? This list covers 20 stars whose careers seem to be vanishing or have already vanished.

Liv Tyler

It’s been almost six years since Liv Tyler has made a significant presence in the film industry. She’s had small roles over the last couple years but nothing that has reinvigorated her career.

Freddie Prinze Jr.

The former actor has shifted towards voice work. He’s voiced characters in games, television, and movies, but he has yet to make a substantial big screen appearance since the Scooby-Doo films.

Demi Moore

Perfect example of an actress who peaked in the 90’s. Moore hasn’t had a hit film since A Few Good Men back in 1992. She was desperatly holding on to her youth while she was married to Ashton Kutcher, but the two are no longer together.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Remember this guy? He was is Home Improvement and the voice of Simba in The Lion King. He’s all grown up now and has almost nothing to do with the film industry anymore. It’s a shame. He was a great actor and he was really entertaining to watch.

Tara Reid

This blonde babe is losing the sex appeal she once had in the early party films of this generation. Even though she’s not starring in major films anymore, she has found a niche in the B-movie genre with movies like Sharknado.

Frankie Muniz

We all remember this lovable guy as Malcolm from Malcolm in The Middle, but what has happened to him since then? After the show ended in 2006, the child actor stepped away from the movie industry.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone peaked in 1995 when she starred in Clueless. Her lowest of lows came just two years later when she played Bat Girl in Batman and Robin. It’s quite possible that the film ruined her career because she hasn’t really been seen since.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster is already 52 years old. In her prime, she was one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses. Recently, that hasn’t been the case. She did appear in the 2013 film Elysium, but she has certainly lost her star power.

David Schwimmer

Poor David. He’ll always be remembered as Ross Geller. It’s a credit to his acting, but it has haunted his career since Friends ended. He has yet to star in anything major since the sitcom ended back in 2004.

Eddie Murphy

No longer the popular comedian that he once was, Eddie Murphy has now shifted his focus towards music. He’s set to make his big screen return in 2016 when Beverly Hills 4 is expected to be released.

Geena Davis

Geena Davis hasn’t been in a major film since the early 90’s. Last year, she had a role on the television show Grey’s Anatomy, but she has yet to make a significant big screen appearance.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has had quite a successful career and he has been in some pretty great movies. His career slowed down in the early 2000’s and he hasn’t really returned to form since. He’s currently set to play OJ Simpson in a new television series on FOX.

Mandy Moore

She hit it big in the film A Walk To Remember but after that, her career pretty much stopped. She voiced the lead role in the Disney film Tangled in 2010, but she hasn’t made a big screen appearance in some time.

Haley Joel Osment

He saw dead people….then took a break from acting. He recently starred in the Kevin Smith film Tusk, but the actor hasn’t done anything major since his early days of acting.

Macaulay Culkin

Yes. That is Macaulay Culkin. It’s hard to believe that the young boy from the Home Alone series has grown up. Ever since the Richie Rich film back in 1994, the actor’s career has slowed down dramatically.

Mischa Barton

This blonde beauty is recognizable after her portrayal of Marissa Cooper on The OC. Other than that, her career credentials are pretty lacking and she hasn’t made the headlines in awhile.

Matthew Perry

The former Friends star has had a pretty lackluster film career since the ending of the popular sitcom. He’s tried to reinvigorate his television career over the last couple years but has failed to do so.

Rick Moranis

Everybody’s favorite nerdy dad from the 80’s and 90’s has almost fallen off the face of the earth. The last project he was involved with was a voice role in Brother Bear 2 in 2006.

Neve Campbell

You remember her as the ‘Scream Queen’ from the 90’s, other than that, she hasn’t done much. Recently, she had a brief stint as a character on Mad Men, but that’s it.

Rob Schneider

After a string of failures in the early 2000’s, Schneider has stepped away from starring in his own feature films and now primarily cameos in other movie.