20 Shocking Mother’s Day Fails You Must See

Treat Your Mother To Drinks

Treating your mom to drinks on Mother’s Day has always been the easiest gift to give her, but being told by a sign that you may be the reason she drinks, may have just changed that for a lot of people.

Descriptions Of Mum

Your mom always wants to know how pretty, smart, sweet and special she is to you, so why not tell her with a mother’s day card on the special day. However, cards that describe your mothers age, height and weight may not be the best thing in the world.


Getting your mom a present for Mother’s Day that’s different to your friends is a hard task. Tampax, however, gives you an idea that would be a lot different to what friends are getting for their moms, and maybe she won’t even expect it.

Spring Cleaning For Mum

We hate that mom is always cleaning and making us help, but this plaza suggests that maybe something else should be clean and maybe you should help pay for that. Maybe help with paying for the dog grooming too.