20 Ridiculous Photos Of Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is one of the most recognized faces on this planet, let’s be real. He’s been famous since the age of 16 and hasn’t looked back. Unfortunately, Bieber’s career has taken a turn for the worst in recent years because of his newly acquired persona. Bieber, while still talented and honestly pretty attractive, has fallen victim to a few ridiculous moments in recent years. Here are 20 photos of Justin Bieber looking absolutely ridiculous. We can’t blame him too much because, he’s just a kid who got rich really fast, but we can make fun of him a little right?

Justin And His Dear Friend, Kris Jenner

This is the most insane celebrity friendship in existence. Bieber and Jenner are the literal definition of the “odd couple.”

Justin Trying To Look Gangsta

Sorry buddy, you’re not fooling anyone with that bandanna tied around your face. You look like a 15 year old at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Justin Pretending To Be James Dean

Let’s get one thing straight, Justin Bieber is no James Dean. He may think he is, but he’s just not.

Justin Taking Bathtub Selfies

It’s a shame he didn’t drop his phone in the tub so we wouldn’t have to witness this.

Justin Bleaching His Hair

Ugh. Just when we thought this couldn’t get any worse, now Justin is blonde?? He clearly just wanted to find out if it’s true that blondes have more fun…

Justin Getting In Fights With People

Where do we start with this? Justin trying to fight this man off, his pants falling down or his 1994 beanie?

Justin Celebrating Christmas

Who needs Santa to visit you on Christmas Eve when you can just have Justin Bieber? Right?

Justin Wearing Spiked Hats

Does Justin Bieber shop at Hot Topic? We’ll let you decide…

Justin Smiling In Mug Shots

I mean, wouldn’t you be smiling if you were just arrested too? That makes sense, right?

Justin Stripping Down

Okay fine, Justin looks great here. But he also looks ridiculous posing like that in his boxer briefs.

Justin Attempting The Man Bun

I’m sorry Justin, but you’re just not rugged enough to pull off this look. Nice try though!

Justin Licking Silverware

Okay okay, he looks pretty fine here too. But why in the wonderful world is he licking a knife?

Justin Befriending Monkeys

This is slightly adorable but equally ridiculous. Why is Justin’s hair slicked back like that? Who is that monkey? So many questions…

Justin Getting Eggs Thrown At Him

We would love to be able to do this.

Justin Taking A Silly Selfie

What’s better than Justin Bieber making a silly face and posting it online? A lot of things.

Justin Modeling His Winter Gear

Justin, you look adorable in that winter hat, shame you look like a twelvie.

Justin Going For A Walk

Everything about this look gives us anxiety. Pull your pants up and get your life together,

Justin With Bed Head

The bed head isn’t as ridiculous as the series of brand new tattoos all over Justin’s body.

Justin Posing For A Shirtless Selfie

This seems to be the pose every guy who is in love with his muscles takes.

Justin Rocking A Grill

And of course, Justin reminding us that he too can rock a grill. Someone call the fashion police on this boy.