20 Ridiculous Movies From The 80’s That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

It’s not hard to look back at films from the 80’s and roll your eyes. For one thing, the movie industry has come a long way. When you look at where technology was back in that decade, it looks completely silly. Some of the movies on this list are pretty shocking, even if it’s just the bad melting faces or talking heads, and some of them are just filled with bad acting. You may love some of these films. But not matter how much you love them, it won’t make them any better!

The Stuff (1985)

The stuff is a ridiculously clever movie about some weird white fluffy stuff that brain washes people. One young child sees that it’s doing something weird to his family and works with others to stop the madness.

This movie is full of horrible special effects, but you’ll find yourself glued until the end.

Still Smokin’ (1983)

Cheech & Chong get high. That’s the premise of every one of these movies, right? Unless you’re stoned as well, these movies aren’t really worth watching.

Ghoulies (1984)

Ancient demons that look really stupid, and do really stupid things, are the basis of this horrible horror film from the 80’s.

The Toxic Avenger (1985)

The Toxic Avenger is a cult classes, which by description is enough to tell you why it is on this list. Most cult classics are really bad movies that people love for some strange reason. This one is about some geek that gets turned into a toxic creature after falling into some toxic waste. And the rest is history, and depicted in numerous movies by Troma films.