20 Reboots That Should Have Never Been Made

Marvel and Netflix recently raised the bar when it comes to superhero-based television shows with the dark and compelling series ‘Daredevil’. The show was a long way away from the 2001 film of the same title but remained true to the source material of the comic series, making it an instant hit with long-time fans and general television viewers. Despite the success of this series, it is rare to see a reboot/remake do better than the original version, despite changing mediums. Here is a list of 20 reboots that tried to work off strong source materials but managed to only fail miserably in the end:

Knight Rider

The original Knight Rider was an iconic show and was the perfect portrayal of a man and his machine working hand in hand. The reboot had better CGI to work with but did not manage to capture the essence of the original, thus failed to make any impact whatsoever.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The animated series was dearly loved by any child growing up in the 90’s. Then came the films which were fairly mediocre but did not do much to thrash the reputation of the turtles. The Michael Bay reboot gave us grotesque, over-buff, visibly mutated turtles who relied on cheap-one liners and blurry action sequences to take their legend forward. Oh how this movie failed!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Remaking a Superhero franchise after just over a decade is seriously unnecessary, especially when you consider how well the 2002 version did. The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t do well because watching spidey flinging himself off rooftops just wasn’t exciting enough, since we just saw him do that for three movies not too long ago. The new franchise is scrapped for now, with Spider-Man coming to the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Twilight Zone

The 1959 version is still considered one of the best television series of all time and a lot of great directors draw inspiration from it. The original did well to capture the developing paranoia and distrust of the times, mixing it with great plotlines and gripping acting performances. The 1985 version tried to bank on proven formulas and brought nothing new to the table.