10 Of The Strangest Christmas Mysteries

Christmas, although it’s supposed to be a season filled with nothing but joy, laughter and being merry, can also prove to be quite a hectic part of the year. Bad things don’t just stop happening as we approach the holidays, no matter how much we’d like to think so. There’s quite a handful of bizarre Christmas mysteries that have never been solved and we’ve gathered the weirdest ones on the list below. Check out our top ten unsolved Christmas mysteries.

The Fire

John Larson spent Christmas 1885 with his employers Patrick and Matilda Rooney in Illinois. When he woke up on Christmas morning, he found Patrick dead laying on his bed and his wife was missing. Larson went looking for Matilda only to find her severed foot in the kitchen next to a pile of ash. There were no signs of fire anywhere around the house, even though it was later determined that Patrick died from smoke inhalation. It was never determined what exactly happened and Larson was found innocent.

The Hit-And-Run

In 1973, 20-year-old college student Kevin Showalter got murdered by a car on Christmas Eve while he was changing a tire on his vehicle on the side of the road. What’s interesting about the whole case is that the driver who hit Showalter was never found, even though extensive evidence was found that was pointing towards Harvey Mallove, a former mayor of New London — the town where the accident happened — being the killer. The case was closed until 2005 when Mallove committed suicide, leaving behind a note saying it was him who killed Showalter after all.