20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

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So there’s a new fad now thanks to the beautiful and popular Kylie Jenner. She’s the one with those unbelievably fantastic lips. This has prompted yet another dumb teen trend. It’s called the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. It is a huge deal for girls and guys who want thicker, fuller lips. You use a small cup and place over your lips. You suck the air out which caused a vacuum effect on your lips. There are different levels of thickness for the length of time that you do this. The results are hilarious, funny, scary, and painful to look at. This definitely should not be tried. Hopefully these photos will convince you not to do it.

What Did I Just Do?

The look of sheer horror on her face should be a enough reason not to try it. Unfortunately you have to deal with the consequences for days.

It Really Hurts

She looks as if she’s trying to speak. It’s a painful process. Some results may look good, but at what cost?

Is This A Win?

This one was really happy with her results. However, the internet had its own opinion and voted this one as a fail.

Not Happy At All

Most people love the definition in their lips. However, not when they are four sizes bigger than normal. This young one was not happy either.

Really Angry

She really does look upset and is probably wondering why she let her friends talk her into this.

Poor Kid

Even boys are trying it. His lips don’t quite look the way he intended, he’s drooling and we think he’s in pain.

Forced Smile

I think she forced herself to smile or maybe this was the unintended result. Regardless, the fact that she is crying is enough reason to just say no.

Pucker Up!

This looks as though it’s about to be a very painful kiss.

Can I Get A Towel?

Do you all see this? She’s drooling and there’s a line around her mouth that will be there for days! Don’t do it.

Somehow Missed Her Lips

Somehow this one went horribly wrong. Her lips were not affected at all and she has a bad rash on her chin.

Did I Do It Right?

This one asked if she missed a step because it doesn’t look right. Hello? None of them do!!! This challenge needs to end immediately.

Nailed It, Maybe

This one seems to think she got it right. Then again, she’s got what looks like a mustache from the cup… that could last for a couple of days.

Again…Don’t Do It

This one looks completely painful and infected. She should probably go see someone about that, and never attempt this again.

All For Glamour?

No good can come of this trend. Most that try it end up in tears or on the verge of tears. All of it for the sake of trying to look better.

Too Far

Another example of why you shouldn’t do this challenge. She looks like she’s in pain, all for what looks like a terrible case of plastic surgery.

Long Lasting Results

Some of the people doing this challenge don’t realize that the horrible results can last for up to a week. Now she’ll be walking around looking like an extra from Nemo.

Nailed It.

This girl said she was happy with her results after the swelling went down — two days later. Not that successful if you have to wait two days.

Mom Intervention

This little girl had hoped her mom wouldn’t notice and tried avoiding her for a day. When her mom found out, she posted this photo as a warning to other kids.

Another Unsatisfied Customer

This kid enlisted the help of some friends to take on the challenge. If we didn’t know better, we’d assume she was stung by a swarm of bees.

Huge Fail

This is probably the most convincing photo as to why you should never try this challenge. Often, not even makeup can make you feel better about your results.