20 Reasons To Believe We Are Living In A Dystopia

Many of the greatest sci-fi writers have used their current times as a base to create some truly horrifying dystopic tales. This is because the world we live in today can be just as disturbing or unnerving as a well-written story about a not-so-distant future. In reality, for many people around the world, we are living in a dystopia. Here are 20 reasons that prove we need to be worried around the dark setting that is quietly building around us:

The Rise Of The One Percent

There has never been a greater disparity between the rich and the poor. Just a mere one percent of the world’s population is closing in on owning nearly half of the world’s wealth. Estimates say that they will control a majority share by next year, leaving less than half for nearly everyone else.

Manipulation Of The Media

Everyone knows that you can’t trust the news anymore. Most of the biggest media houses are controlled or operated by major corporations and political parties, making the news just about as reliable as a ‘pinky swear’.

Exploitation Of Weaker Segments

The continued use of cheap sources of labour being gathered from various underdeveloped parts of the world such as Asia and Africa is one of those facts that we should be ashamed of. Horrible working conditions and diminished wages are a result of wealthier corporations blatantly exploiting those in desperate need of anything positive in their lives.

Mapping Our Private Data

Data mapping is one of those problems that did not exist a decade ago but could possible grow into becoming our biggest problem ever. There are companies that rely on reading your mails and messages in order to create specialized advertisements that you do not enjoy. Not only is this entire process invasive, it is also counterproductive and it does not look like anyone is going to stop doing it anytime soon.