20 Pranks You Should Try On Your Friends

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Sure, April Fool’s Day is the best time of the year to pull a prank on your friends and loved ones, but a really good prank doesn’t need to be held until that specific day. If you have a little ingenuity and a masterful mind, then you can probably scare someone half to death and give yourself a nice laugh or two along the way. Some of the following pranks don’t require a lot of material. In fact, many can be done with items found throughout your house already. So, what are you waiting for? Go terrorize someone.

Insect Lamps

This specific prank works best if you know the person is scared of bugs, specifically spiders or cockroaches. Both are terrifying choices, and both can be cut out of black paper easily enough. Tape them to the inside of a lamp and wait for the ensuring screams.

Grass Garden Keyboards

For those who work in an office, filling a co-workers work keyboard with grass seeds and a little soil can work wonders in the long run. It will take some time for the grass to begin to grow up through the keys, but it will be worth the wait when you see their face.

Shopping Cart Loop

This one requires a bit more timing than anything else. If you discover a vehicle of a friend or family member at the store, grab a hold of as many shopping carts as you can and form a never-ending circle around their car. It will take ages for them to get out of it.

Air Horn Seat

Computer chairs tend to leave a lot of room between the legs and the seat, which means there is sufficient space to tape an air horn to the base. Position the horn just right so the next time someone sits down it will go off, scaring them.

Caramel Onion

This one is simply delightful and mouth-watering. Instead of creating caramel apples, remove the stem and exterior of an onion and coat it with caramel and shove some sticks in. Give this one to someone you’re not particularly fond of.

Mentos Ice Bombs

Everyone loves having a bit of ice in their drink on a warm summer’s day. However, for that friend that can’t live without their beloved soda, you may want to try something different. This one takes some pre-planning, though. Shove a Mentos inside the water you’re going to freeze, then let the freezer do the rest. Pop one in their drink and wait eagerly.

Horrible Smells

Carefully peel off the wrapper to your friend or family’s favorite scent, such as a Glade spray bottle. Replace the bottle with something that smells horrifying, and then put the wrapper around the can, hiding what is really underneath.

Snake Head

This one requires a public supermarket, such as Kmart or Walmart. Bring along a plastic snake, then hide it somewhere within the produce section, preferably with a fruit or vegetable that is pre-bagged. Shoppers will get a scare as they see the snake’s head sticking out.

Nic Cage Copier

The office copier is always fun to play with on your own, so why not let your coworkers experience some of your fun. Tape a picture of Nicolas Cage’s face to the interior of the copier, that way his face is present on any copies someone makes.

Polished Soap

Soap is fun to mess around with, though most people just replace it with something else entirely. Instead, paint the bar of soap with clear nail polish, then put it back in the shower. The ensueing shouts should tell you your job is complete.

Water Works

This may not be original, but it sure is funny and definitely works. Carefully – very, very carefully – take a cup of water – filled halfway – and flip it over so the opening is resting against the table. Clean up any water that spilled, and then leave it for the next person.

Bouillon Shower

Pop off the shower head in your family or friend’s bathroom, then shove a block of chicken or beef bouillon into the spout. The next time they turn on the hot water, the stink of bouillon will cover their body as they relax.

Prank Calls

Pranking someone you know with a phone call is fun, but really old-school. That’s why you should hang up posters with a friend’s phone number and ask people to perform different tasks, such as a lion’s roar into the receiver.

Technological Regression

Again, this one will require an office and a coworker. Go into their office when they aren’t around, then replace every piece of technology in sight with pieces of cardboard cleverly marked with the corresponding buttons of a computer or telephone.

Mixed Candy

This one is particularly horrible. Take a bowl and throw some candy in for everyone to enjoy, but mix Skittles, M&M’s, and Reese’s Pieces all in one. The horrifying taste of a handful will leave them rinsing their mouth out in no time.


Take a personal item, such as their car keys or a pair of reading glasses, and work them into a jello mold. Anyone who has seen The Office should recognize this one, and enjoy the hijinks it brings.

Mint Oreos

Scrape out the delicious cream that fills an Oreo, and then replace it with minty white toothpaste. Replace the top cookies and enjoy what happens when someone bites down into the flavorful snack.

Mystery Contacts

Get a hold of your friend’s smartphone and change every single contact in their address book to either a random number or simply “Mystery Contact.” Let them figure out exactly who is who the next day.

Water Hose Tape Job

Use tape (or use a rubber band) to ensure the kitchen water hose is held down. This will spray anyone who turns the water on right in the face or the chest with ice cold water, soaking them to the very core.

Gummy Doh

Buy a pack of favored gum, then replace those delicious sticks of chewable goodness with a bit of Play-Doh instead. Anyone who bites into this should experience a bit of a sick feeling and one of pure anger.