20 Popular Myths About Animals That People Truly Believe

The animal kingdom is massive and ever changing, and with something that big comes plenty of myths, stories, and tall-tales that people begin to believe. Everything from a bat to a cat has some sort of a story behind some feat they do. Unfortunately, a lot of what we know isn’t actually true. Here are twenty myths that are popular throughout the world, but aren’t actually true. Wrap your head around these, but don’t stick to your guns just yet.

Praying Mantis

Most people think the praying mantis will eat the male following procreation. However, that doesn’t actually happen often. It’s in rare circumstances that the female will eat the male.


People believe that a turkey is fascinated by rain, so they will stare at the sky and drown as water falls down their throats. It sounds quite odd, and it truly is. This myth is completely false.


The myth is that you are never more than 3 feet from a spider. This is, of course, completely false. A spider can be wherever it wants to, not just within 3 feet of you.


Everyone has been told at some point in their lives that a dog can only see in black and white. Actually, a dog can see in plenty more than that. This popular pet has a range from dark blue to light blue to different shades of yellow.