10 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong

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The chances of you loving to eat various types of food that all taste so dang wonderful are quite high. Really, there are so many different options out there to consume that it is hard not to want to try it all. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, each meal brings a different style and taste to try out. Chances are also quite high that you’ve been making your own meals for quite some time now, but have probably been crafting them all wrong. In reality, there are certain ways to eat different foods that most don’t know about. Let us enlighten you a bit! Here are ten foods you’ve been eating all wrong.


Tacos are some of the most delicious foods of all time, but they are incredibly messy. To avoid this, simply wrap a piece of lettuce around your shell to keep the mess all inside.


By using just a single fork from your kitchen drawer, you can fully dip your Oreo inside your glass of milk without any mess. Just stick the fork into the cream filling.

Hot Dogs

While it may seem like a waste, cutting your hot dogs into spirals will actually ensure they cook quicker and far more evenly.


Everyone loves a good strawberry, but eating around the green parts is the worst. Simple stick a straw through the center and it will be removed easily.


A good way to ensure your yolk doesn’t run from your egg is to add sliced peppers to the pan. Simply crack the egg into the middle of the sliced pepper and let it cook. Delicious and convenient!


Apparently, everyone has been consuming Toblerone completely wrong. Instead of the usual way, simply push your thumb lightly against the top of each triangle. It will snap off easily.


To effectively eat a Popsicle without the residual mess, stick a cupcake wrapper around the stick and up over the bottom of the treat.

Chinese Takeout

You probably know the white cartons that come with Chinese takeout. The correct way to use those is to split the sides apart and fold it open, much like a large plate.

French Toast

To add a bit of extra crunch and taste to your French Toast, simply add bits of crushed cereal to the crust and then cook it.


An effective and delicious way to consume cupcakes is to rip off the top portion with all of the frosting, flip it around, and make a nice sandwich from the two halves.