20 Pixar Easter Eggs That You Never Noticed

Entomology 101

Everyone needs a good education, big and small, human and toy. In Toy Story 2, Pixar uses its own stories to educate the little one – Mrs. Potato Head can be seen reading the book of A Bug’s Life to the Toddle Tots.

Talented Witch

The creepy old witch in Brave has more up her sleeve than weird spells that turn people into bears. If you look on the table where she does her whittling, the witch has a small, wooden Pizza Planet figurine.

A Villain In Our Midst

The story of Ratatouille is romantic to say the least, but it isn’t as happy as it might seem. If you look closely behind the adoring couple of Linguini and Colette, you can see one of Mr. Incredible’s nemeses, Bomb Voyage, performing a mime act.

Finding Buzz Lightyear

There are so many wonderfully colorful things to look at in Finding Nemo. While you got an eyeful of all the beautiful fish, you probably missed the toys in the Dentist’s waiting room – a collection that includes everyone’s favorite space ranger, Buzz Lightyear.