20 Photos From The Past Show Us That Times Have Definitely Changed

Lock The Babies Up

You would think that mothers would be so appalled at seeing this, but no, they were the ones putting them in there! These used to hold babies and it gave mothers the chance to clean the house without any disturbances and let the child get some time in the sun.

Plastic Surgery

This is Walter Yeo and he was the first advanced plastic surgery patient back in 1917. That is some very basic work, especially compared to what people are having done nowadays.

Mobile Holding Cell

We are not going to lie. We would love to see these in place today! These mobile holding cells were used back in the 1920’s, but apparently we can’t put our criminals on display today.

US Border

This is how the US Border used to be. Now we have big walls built and border patrol constantly monitoring it. People used to run freely back and forth, but it looks like sometimes it was not a smooth transition for some people!