20 People That Are Having A Much Worse Day Than You

Almost A Winner

The claw game is so evil and we have come so close to winning a prize before, but never this close! They had Mickey in the claw, but then Goofy decided to keep him around a little bit longer.

Not Dinner Time

You were thinking it was time for dinner, but not so much. Not only did you spill your spaghetti, but you spilled it on all your clothes and have to do laundry too!

No Pop For You

Unfortunately, we have been there before. You go and get a pop from the store, but those containers are the worst! They are so flimsy and this happens way too often.

No Cake Either

While it was a special occasion for someone’s 16th birthday party, it looks like none of the guests are getting cake. That is, unless they want to eat it off the ground!